Growing Kids: Nurturing relationships from tots to teens

Ruth’s latest publication is the ebook Growing Kids: Nurturing relationships from tots to teens

Publication Date: 2013

Growing Kids: Nurturing relationships from tots to teens is written for the way we live now. With so many strident voices in the media telling mums and dads ‘how to be good parents’, the modern world can be a confusing place to bring up a child. Growing Kids takes us away from a view of parents as managers and children as problematic. Growing Kids makes the parent-child relationship the centre point of all interaction and the basis for how we can best help children develop resources for life. Why are dads so often shown as an addition to the family, not its centre? The book highlights the vital importance of men as fathers and partners. Together, both parents can create a partnership that forms the foundation of family. Families come in many forms and whether you are a mum and dad, a single parent or in a same-sex relationship, Growing Kids will give you an insight into what makes us parent the way we do. This book will give you the tools to review your own reactions and beliefs, and understand your child’s behaviour in a new way. With a clear text revealing emotional milestones of development from birth to adulthood and delightful illustrations, Growing Kids captures the essence of the joys and challenges of parenthood.

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