The Centre provides post-qualification training for a wide range of professionals involved in clinical practice with children, adolescents, parents and families. Post-qualification training is also offered to professionals working with adults.

The training is based on a modern psychodynamic approach that emphasises understanding the meaning of behaviour within a relationship-based context, including the family and wider social influences. The training is focused on practical application within a time-limited framework.

Training for professionals working with children, parents and adolescents:

Level 1. Two day Foundation Course in Child and Family Development

Level 2. One Year Advanced Studies in Child and Family Development

Tailor-made training for your organisation is also available. Please contact the Centre to discuss your specific needs.


Examples of Tailor-Made Trainings that can be run for your Organisation:

A health care agency contacted the Centre to request a tailor-made training session run by Ruth Schmidt Neven on Behavioural Problems in Children as part of a one-day Paediatric Seminar Program for General Practitioners. The training included active discussion of case studies highlighting anxiety disorders in children, the impact of a parent’s serious illness on a child, and the aggressive behavior of a young child. This training enabled the GP’s to gain a deeper understanding of children’s’ problem within a broader family and relationship context.

A rural child and family welfare agency contacted the Centre to request that Ruth Schmidt Neven run the two-day Foundation Course in Child and Family Development for their professional employees. The two-day training, with its focus on the emotional milestones of development, understanding the links between relationships, attachment and the brain, and the impact of separation, loss and trauma, was particularly relevant to the complex problems presented by their client base.

The head of a metropolitan health service requested Ruth Schmidt Neven run a one day tailor-made workshop for a large group of maternal and child health nurses, and early childhood professionals. The workshop focus was on applying a psychodynamic approach to find meaningful solutions to problems. The emphasis in the workshop on involving, and not neglecting fathers, proved to be one of the most important learning experiences of the workshop.