Your psychotherapist

Dr Ruth Schmidt Neven PhD is a registered clinical psychologist and child and adolescent psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience working with children, parents and families in Australia and the UK. She writes and lectures extensively on all aspects of child and family development including to parent groups and organisations and is a trainer and consultant within Australia and overseas. Read about Ruth.

The psychotherapy clinic

  • Provides individual psychotherapy and counselling for a wide range of emotional social and behavioural problems
  • Offers a service from infancy through to adolescence
  • Emphasises the whole child and parent relationship not just managing behaviour
  • Understands the meaning of behaviour within a developmental and family context
  • Supports parents to develop their own skills and competence in understanding their children’s behaviour

Under fives counselling service – ‘Because prevention is better than cure’

  • Infant-parent relationships – help with problems which may arise for new babies and new parents
  • Toddlers and young children – help with eating, sleeping, toileting problems

Primary school years

  • Help with problems related to school readiness, settling at school, friendships and bullying.
  • Emotional and behavioural problems

Adolescent and young persons consultation service

  • Help for adolescents and young people suffering from depression, anxiety and problems with personal relationships including support for parents

Parent consultation

  • Parents can refer themselves directly to the Clinic without their children to discuss worries they may have about their child or adolescent or concerns about their parenting

Referrals and fees

Parents can refer themselves and their children directly to the Clinic. The Clinic also receives referrals from general practitioners, maternal and child health nurses, schools, kindergartens, paediatricians and health and community services.

Ruth Schmidt Neven is a registered Medicare provider and rebates may be available from Medicare as well as from private health funds.

All enquires about referrals should be made to Ruth Schmidt Neven on 03 9830 0422 or Informal enquiries are welcome.